Nabisco offers $500K for new Oreo cookie flavor idea

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After launching its limited edition creation “Oreo Firework” to the public, American snack manufacturer Nabisco announced that they are willing to pay $500,000 for anyone who could come up with a fresh new cookie flavor.

The online contest, as per USA Today, urges netizens to submit their innovative creations through Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest.

The best out of the three will be awarded the half a million prize, while each finalist will also receive a cool $25,000, the report said.

Interested applicants have until July 14 to qualify, while the winners will be announced a month later in August.

As expected, several netizens have already submitted their most creative entries online. Check out some of the most inventive ideas below. - Khristian Ibarrola/