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Edsa spirit challenged in 2016 elections

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It is so lamentable that while our Asean neighbors and the rest of the world are steadily climbing up the economic ladder and benefiting from growing political maturity, we in the Philippines have again to go through a hotly contested, divisive political exercise that seems to have brought out the worst in us and set us back as a people. Another revolution, peaceful or violent, is bruited about as a necessary evil or as a possible offshoot of the heated collision of views and interests engendered by this year’s elections.

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The great debacle

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It didn’t start off until after one-and-a-half hours because Vice President Jejomar Binay challenged the rules. He wanted to bring to the podium some documents he’d prepared.

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Fair Trade must oppose sex-slavery

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When I first began a small project to give poor people a skilled training and work with respect, dignity, fair wages and good working conditions. In 1975 it was not called Preda Fair Trade. It was and is, normal ethical practice to give work with dignity, a fair wage and good working conditions, which everyone is supposed to do. But many don’t. It was a practical way to alleviate the misery and degrading life of the throwaway people and youth of Olongapo City.

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Resurrection for Abused Children

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The hope of a new life, “Resurrection,” for abused and traumatized children is what we at the Preda Foundation strive to provide for victims of abuse. Holy Week is about pain and suffering, injustice and new life and hope.

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Is it vote-buying or helping people?

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When it comes to the reprehensible practice of vote-buying, the poor may view it differently, according to research findings of the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC).

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Children’s Rights and Jesus of Nazareth

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The man from Nazareth arrived in the big city and received a big welcome from his fans as they lined the streets and shouted hosannas and laid their cloaks on the ground like a red carpet and everyone was asking, “Who is this, a prophet from Nazareth?” “Yes,” others answered, “a great prophet from Galilee.”

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A night of jousting

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What can we learn from the vice-presidential debate? The way it fared, we saw a well-managed Commission on Elections willing to learn and change. That was a far better debate, skillfully managed by two young ladies, Pia Hontiveros and Pinky Webb, who were prepared to be tough, in the politest way.

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Filipino kids ‘not allowed to be themselves’

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Textbook history tells us that Jose Rizal was shot in the back on the field of Bagumbayan (New Land) in the cool morning of Dec. 30, 1896. What would have happened to him, to us, to the nascent nation he dreamed about, if he were not executed? Would he have been involved in the Malolos Republic and in the Philippine-American War, or would he have accepted a position in the American colonial bureaucracy in the Philippines?

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A Home for the Refugees

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BERLIN, Germany -- I met Alamid here in Germany and he told me he was a refugee from Syria. Their house was partly destroyed by the barrel bombs of Assad, the tyrannical Syrian dictator who is being supported by Russian forces and warplanes.

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It’s all about jobs

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I would like to suggest to the presidential contenders that their primary focus be on jobs. If it is, then everything else follows.

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