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Yet another bus crash

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Last Friday, Feb. 7 was to have been a day of reprieve for Don Mariano Transit, the bus company whose seven franchises were cancelled by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in the wake of an accident in December in which one of its buses fell off the Skyway and killed 21 people.

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PPP gets moving

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Bracing news to usher in 2014: Something positive is happening to the Aquino administration’s flagship public-private partnership (PPP) program, which had been roundly panned for failing to take off.

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Peace possible

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To those who ask what will define the Aquino presidency, today is a defining moment!” That was President Aquino’s spokesperson Edwin Lacierda exulting on Twitter last Sunday, minutes after the negotiating panels of the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front signed the fourth and last annex of a proposed peace deal that would pave the way for the cessation of hostilities in Mindanao.

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A sense of joy

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In November, when the Vatican released “Evangelii Gaudium” (The Joy of the Gospel), the first official “apostolic exhortation” by Pope Francis, the document immediately caused a sensation.

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Totally wild?

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To prove that he was innocent of the plunder charge filed against him, Sen. Bong Revilla took to the Senate floor on Monday and accused President Aquino of interfering in the impeachment trial of Renato Corona, then the chief justice. Confused? So are we.

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So little regard

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It’s become a common refrain: Many foreigners who visit the Philippines often remark about the little regard Filipinos show for their own personal safety. The visitors see Filipinos dash across highways, create their own counterflows or ride motorcycles two or three at a time, without safety helmets on—and they marvel at how much we put ourselves at risk every day.

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Power dilemma

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The power rate hike case that the Supreme Court will hear next week involves a classic dilemma: Should a polity prioritize its needs as a market or as a community? In an ideal world, a young and growing country like the Philippines should not have to choose; in the real world, however, the choice can be both unavoidable and stark.

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The signing last Sunday of the Annex on Power Sharing, the third of four annexes that will complete the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro, is a welcome milestone. It not only reminds us how far down the road to peace the negotiators have traveled, it also brings us closer to the destination.

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The real issue in the case of the controversial temporary bunkhouses being built as transitional shelter for survivors of Supertyphoon “Yolanda” in several towns in Leyte and Eastern Samar is their alleged substandard quality.

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Reckless dragon

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China angered its neighbors when it unilaterally declared an Air Defense Identification Zone (Adiz) on Nov. 23. The United States disappointed its regional allies when, after ordering a pair of unarmed B-52 strategic bombers to fly into China’s Adiz three days after the surprise declaration, it called on American airlines last Friday to comply with China’s instructions when flying through the zone.

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