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Gov’t has to rethink strategy in Mindanao

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President Aquino and his adviser for the peace process, Teresita Deles, were naïve to think they could bring peace to Mindanao by ignoring the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and forging an agreement with the rival Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

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What’s next?

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For the first time, a leaderless protest rally occupied Rizal Park in Manila and many other urban hubs across the country last Monday.

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Philippine Congress is not above the law!

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CHICAGO (FAXX/jGLi) – The squabble between Senate President Frank Drilon and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is giving fits to overseas Filipinos, who are willing to join and vet for honest and qualified people to act as placeholders when a big number of Senators and Congressmen will start to take a difficult trek to jail when the Ombudsman elevates plunder and graft charges against them before the Sandiganbayan.

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Going undercover

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Talk about an unusual way to reach out to voters. The prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, revealed that he went undercover as a taxi driver in the capital sometime in June in a bid to find out what the people’s real concerns were.

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The photograph taken by Inquirer correspondent Karlos Manlupig of children playing “luksong tinik” in an evacuation center in Zamboanga City, published on page A10 of Wednesday’s issue, may have brought a rueful smile to many readers.

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Sleight of hand

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IF there is one thing the Aquino administration is adept at, it is distracting public attention from potentially embarrassing situations. Like practiced magicians, the President and his men will point at an issue and stir up outrage to divert attention away from what they seek to conceal.

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History’s spoiled child

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Faced with an unfavorable election outcome, Nur Misuari staged a violent tantrum. He declared a break with the Philippine government; his loyal followers attacked Army positions; scores of people died in weeks of fighting.

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A conspicuous silence

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All was rosy with the arrival of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his top-level meeting with President Aquino last week.

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China’s not-so-great wall

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Whatever happened to the much-heralded Chinese policy of a “peaceful rise”? While the other great powers lauded the awakening giant for the emphasis it placed on “peaceful,” China’s smaller neighbors noted with increasing concern its single-minded focus on “rise.”

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Truncated memory

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Is a short memory a major flaw in Vice President Jejomar Binay’s P200-million damage suit against the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Ombudsman, plus 11 other officials?

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