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A clear victory

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The “liberation” of the Islamic City of Marawi, after nearly five months of fighting, could have been more ambiguous; an end to hostilities and a retaking of the entire city, perhaps, but with the leaders of IS Ranao, the Islamic State-affiliated group, escaping into the countryside.

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Mother’s love

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Some things are just good to do, with no expectation of a reward. Longer maternity leave is one of them. In a country as family-focused and family-loving as the Philippines, it’s sadly amazing that maternity leave is only a heartless 12 weeks. That puts it near the bottom of the list of countries that honor mothers. This is much lower than the 14 weeks recommended by the International Labor Organization (ILO). In Southeast Asia, employees are given up to 13.5 weeks.

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Learning from our Taiwanese neighbors

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Just to illustrate how close Taiwan is as our neighbor to the north, residents of Batanes, our northernmost province, can receive radio broadcasts from the island at any time of the day.

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Get in first

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The earlier you catch cancer, the better the chance of curing it. It’s the same with almost all other diseases. The sooner they’re caught, the higher the chance of cure. And the less the cost to cure.

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What if Moros acted like Catalans?

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A recent electoral event in Europe could influence the course of the political history of Philippine Morolandia. The Catalans of Spain defied the national authority and, invoking their right to self-determination, held a referendum on Oct. 1 that they hoped would stamp legitimacy on their bid for independence.

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A betrayal of America’s soul

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For the United States  - a country of immigrants and their descendants - Sept. 5, 2017, marked a betrayal of the nation’s soul. The announcement by President Donald Trump’s administration that it is ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) program, which President Barack Obama established by executive order in 2012, threatens to upend the lives of an entire generation.

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A call to be real Filipinos

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Washington SyCip was an American citizen. His critics in local business and political circles - and he had his fair share - liked to point out that the boardroom guru used a “blue passport” whenever he traveled.

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Imperatives for Asean’s next half-century

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The great virtue of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ founding fathers is that they dared think the unthinkable. And because the stars were aligned, their audacity brought relative peace, stability and progress to the region over the decades.

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The Persecution of the Rohingya

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The hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fleeing the attacks and burning of their villages in Myanmar are walking hundreds of miles across mountains and through jungles in rain to escape the slaughter by the Myanmar armed forces.

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Why Settlements Take the Longest to Process During a Divorce

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The staggering amount recently put forward by Tisha Bautista as comprising her estranged husband’s allegedly questionably amassed wealth, and her demands for a substantial share of it cast an ugly light on the messy business of settlements.

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