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That close race

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A lot of people were saying that it was going to be a very close race. They didn’t know that it wasn’t the battle for the presidency that was going to be really, contentiously fought.

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Doing Banksy proud

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Someone spray-painted pro-Marcos graffiti on the base of the Edsa People Power monument and, predictably, only the denizens of the Yellow palace were enraged. Given that the candidate now leading the surveys in the vice presidential race is Ferdinand Marcos Jr., I think many of those who saw the “Marcos Pa Rin!” sign at the preeminent Yellow shrine must have said, if only to themselves, “Well, why the hell not?”

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The coverup starts

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The fix is in, apparently. And if no lawmakers - except political foes who will refuse to help administration candidates win in the coming elections - are convicted in connection with the P10-billion pork barrel scandal pulled off by Janet Lim Napoles, you’ll know exactly what went down.

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Pacquiao gets beat up

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See, this is what happens when people seek political office just because they can win. And I’m not even talking about Noynoy Aquino, but of the Fighting Pride of the Philippines, Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao.

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What’s in a nickname?

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I wish “Daang Matuwid” were really just a nickname, instead of a six-year curse on the nation. That said, I really wish Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo would look my way if I call them by their chosen (and mutual) official nicknames as they appear on the ballot even after the May 9 elections.

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Who benefits?

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As a former prosecutor, The Punisher of Davao City must be aware of Cicero’s story about a wise Roman judge who was in the habit of asking who stands to benefit from anything that takes place. Asking “Cui bono?”,the judge believed, was a surefire way of discovering who was motivated enough to cause something to happen beyond the obvious suspects, who may, in fact, be mere scapegoats.

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‘Yolanda’ and Mar

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The tragedy that was “Yolanda” did not only kill thousands of innocent people in Tacloban City and other hard-hit areas. It also virtually washed away the chances of Mar Roxas of ever becoming the next president of the Philippines.

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Abu strikes again

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To General “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf is (falsely) attributed the pithy quote, to the effect that terrorists will be judged by God while his job is to merely hurry up the meeting. The hoax-busting site Snopes notes that the quote has been around since 2001, but “in an odd instance of the tail wagging the dog, in 2003 the General is on record as repeating a close version of the words years earlier attributed to him.”

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A ‘debate’ proposal

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Okay, we’ve had our fun. Now, perhaps, it’s time to really find out about the people applying for the job of president.

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When a probe is a cover-up

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It’s not a real investigation. It’s just an elaborate cover-up, with politics and unbreakable personal relationships thrown in for good measure.

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