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Tick tock

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It’s easy to wave the flag and say: “Who needs jobs in Taiwan, anyway?” Just don’t say that to 10,000 workers who have already lost good-paying work there in the past month.

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No floods by 2035

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I think Robert Blair Carabuena set his sights too low when he roughed up a mere traffic enforcer. These days, I sincerely wish Carabuena would visit the headquarters of the Metro Manila Development Authority and beat up the man who calls himself its chairman.

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‘Walang himala’

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At least the traffic, which President Noynoy Aquino once said was a sign of robust economic growth, is as bad as ever or even worse than before. But the fact is, the Aquino administration never mentions the stock market anymore, now that it is suffering almost daily reversals due to  developments overseas that the government in Manila had nothing whatsoever to do with.

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Independence Day

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This year’s celebration of Independence Day reminds me of a Facebook “thread” started recently by a passing acquaintance who put forth a daring proposition—or so he thought. This fellow opined that the current times we live in are so much better than the years past because we have the freedom to criticize government and not fear being arrested or even disappearing forever.

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