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A Home for the Refugees

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BERLIN, Germany -- I met Alamid here in Germany and he told me he was a refugee from Syria. Their house was partly destroyed by the barrel bombs of Assad, the tyrannical Syrian dictator who is being supported by Russian forces and warplanes.

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It’s all about jobs

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I would like to suggest to the presidential contenders that their primary focus be on jobs. If it is, then everything else follows.

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The great debacle

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It didn’t start off until after one-and-a-half hours because Vice President Jejomar Binay challenged the rules. He wanted to bring to the podium some documents he’d prepared.

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APEC - The Greed of Nations

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Andreas De la Cruz is a forty year old fisherman from Masinloc, Zambales and he has a story of triumph and loss to tell and all of it is due to the obsession of powerful nations to control and dominate and occupy the lands and seas of other smaller nations.

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Resurrection for Abused Children

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The hope of a new life, “Resurrection,” for abused and traumatized children is what we at the Preda Foundation strive to provide for victims of abuse. Holy Week is about pain and suffering, injustice and new life and hope.

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What the young really think of APEC

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Beyond the horrendous traffic, the cancellation or delay of flights and the sudden trending of the hashtag #ApecHotties, we asked young people about their views on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit, how much they know about it. It is, after all, about their future.

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Children’s Rights and Jesus of Nazareth

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The man from Nazareth arrived in the big city and received a big welcome from his fans as they lined the streets and shouted hosannas and laid their cloaks on the ground like a red carpet and everyone was asking, “Who is this, a prophet from Nazareth?” “Yes,” others answered, “a great prophet from Galilee.”

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Give the consumer a break

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We all agree that Philippine agriculture is in poor shape. I trace this to lack of irrigation, lack of roads, insufficient research and development (R&D) spending, lack of productive seeds, excessive intrusion by middle men, antiquated machinery, (you don’t dry palay on a national highway) - the list is endless.

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Filipino kids ‘not allowed to be themselves’

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Textbook history tells us that Jose Rizal was shot in the back on the field of Bagumbayan (New Land) in the cool morning of Dec. 30, 1896. What would have happened to him, to us, to the nascent nation he dreamed about, if he were not executed? Would he have been involved in the Malolos Republic and in the Philippine-American War, or would he have accepted a position in the American colonial bureaucracy in the Philippines?

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The Philippine Age of Consent - 12 years old

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For generations, the rape and sexual abuse of children has been a regular practice of the human species mostly by men but frequently assisted and enabled by women, too. Philippine laws to justify it have been passed, mostly by men, by setting the age of consent for sexual acts as low as 12 years of age in the Philippines.

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