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Fair Trade and organic can help end dire poverty

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When I first came to the Philippines in 1969 as a Columban missionary from Ireland I felt welcomed and accepted by the Filipino people. They are an intelligent, friendly and a proud people that suffer poverty today as a consequence of conquest by colonial powers that subjugated them politically and economically.

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The refugees are our responsibility

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The large numbers of war refugees and poverty stricken migrants pouring into Europe is a matter for immediate concern and action. But it should be concern and action primarily for the displaced and suffering refugees and those fleeing sub-human conditions and political systems where human rights violations, religious persecution and injustice are so cruel and common.

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Kidnapping, curious

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Just when we think the Philippines has redeemed itself in the eyes of the world with its efforts to stamp out corruption, comes news of the kidnapping of three foreigners and a Filipino woman on Samal Island. The case threatens to push the country back into the category of lawless wilderness ruled by bandits.

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Letter to young Filipinos on the land I love

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There will always be people - Filipinos and foreigners alike - who will say negative things about our country, and I want you to be prepared for those moments when you will hear about them. “I hate the Philippines,” some of them would say. Now that you’re back in school, where you learn to sing and pledge your love for country every week, you may feel hurt or confused.

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Take time to ponder

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One of the lovely things about Filipinos is their strong emotional sense. It binds people and cements friendships. But sometimes, it clouds a more thoughtful response.

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The courageous resilience of Jocelyn Mae

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What could be worse than to be born an unwanted girl child with a speech and hearing disability due to an alleged botched abortion and to be disowned by her own family?

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Justice where are you?

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Lady Justice is pictured blindfolded holding a scales and a sword. That needs to be changed. She needs to be seen as a clear eyed loving mother protecting children.

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Wannabe U.S. prez Trump’s war on birthright citizenship

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Anchor baby? It has nothing to do with drunken sailors, or the illegitimate love child of a blonde Fox newsreader and Noli de Castro. No, but you are hearing correctly. The political discourse when it comes to immigration in the U.S. has become all about “anchor babies.”

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PH’s own refugees

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Who wouldn’t be moved at the sight of women, children and the elderly in the stream of refugees taking the ultimate risk, defying death itself in rickety boats or in enclosed, steaming chicken lorries, making a desperate dash for survival with a blank future in sight and the faintest hope to cling to?

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Aquino allergic to SAF 44

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With President Aquino, what you see is what you get.

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