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16-year-old girls

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While surfing the cable channels one Saturday afternoon, I chanced upon Karen Davila’s interview with 60-year-old singer Freddie Aguilar about his romantic relationship with a 16-year-old girl.

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Obama’s non-visit to PH win-win for PNoy

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The honeymoon of President Aquino with the Filipino people is apparently coming to an end. And he has nobody to blame but his instinct and his sub-alterns.

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The greatest mission

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Malala Yousafzai, the 16 year-old Pakistani girl who defied the Taliban’s ban on girls’ education and was shot in the head but survived, has been granted the European Human Rights Award.

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Damaging disclosure

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Last Sept. 16, a sensational revelation was splashed all over the internet that immediately went viral online, even if it was initially blocked in the Facebook. This is the article written by Kit Tatad in his Manila Standard Today column, “First Things First” disclosing that Janet Lim Napoles had a secret lunch at the Palace before she surrendered to P-Noy.

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Chaos Courts prophets of doom in PH

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The Philippine senators should not feel bad if Janet Napoles would like to keep her mouth shut if and when she finally shows up before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

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Bad deeds shouldn’t go unpunished

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Two acts of goodness awed Americans in the past week, one involving a homeless man in Boston who found a backpack containing $2,400 in cash and $39,500 in traveler’s checks and turned it over to the police, and the other a 19-year-old Dairy Queen manager who gave $20 to a vision-impaired customer who lost the amount to an elderly woman who refused to give back the money she had picked up after the former dropped it unknowingly.

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‘Coming out’ for immigration reform

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SAN FRANCISCO  -- October has always been a special month in my household, since it’s when my twin brother and I celebrate our birthday surrounded by family.

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Beware of the ‘fourth monkey’

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Call it an allegory or a fable, a parable or a proverb or whatever. Its key feature is the realistic thought or practical lesson is forwarded by the known saying in the realm of what is right and proper what is true and real. And this is exactly the content and intent of the famous — or infamous — story of “The Three Monkeys.”

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Promoting PH not easy, but we have to do it

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I get very frustrated when the private sector is charged with fence-sitting on an issue and is projected as uncaring about the country’s welfare.  First, because the part of the private sector that I belong to hardly ever fence-sits. We certainly did not on the Priority Development Assistance Fund! 

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The urgency of country branding

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The Philippines has a serious image problem. Despite the seal of good housekeeping given by Fitch and Standard & Poor’s, the country is still plagued by images formed during our nation’s darkest years.

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