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“Janet, here na me … where na u?”

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My favorite placard in last Monday’s Million People march in Luneta was the one held by a young man which said, “Janet, here na me…where na u?”


The placard showed several aspects of the inspiring event which gathered some 400,000 to 500,000 bound by outrage over corruption in government.

The simple message, written on a cartolina was in a text lingo: “where na u? “edsa na me.” “w8 lang.” Many of us, schooled in the importance and propriety of staying and writing complete sentences and correct spelling are aghast by the text language but that’s how the cellphone generation speaks.

This gadget generation is also the social media generation. They are Facebook and Twitter denizens.

That’s why last Monday, Globe and Smart lines must have been overloaded, we were having a difficult time sending our reports from Rizal Park. We saw everybody taking pictures using their cellphones and posting them in Facebook and Twitter. Result was online overload.

But it was so much fun. It was democracy at its best.

Since there was no one group that dominated the gathering, it was free for all. It was just a matter of finding your corner or you space in the park. If you want what the militant groups – Bayan, Gabriela- offer, you can stop and listen to their explanation about pork barrel and other messages in the corner that they have set up shop.

There was a group of artists that entertained with ethnic dances and songs. A Catholic Mass was also being offered.

Looking at the happy crowd, my faith in the Filipino is re-affirmed.

Seeing the many young committed faces, I feel re-assured that this country will be in good hands after my generation has passed on the torch to them.

Clearly, last Monday’s crowd was anti-corruption. It was not necessarily anti-PNoy. There was no “Oust PNoy” chant.

Disgraced Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona misread the sentiments of the people when he went there to join the rally. He was booed big time.

The message is anti-corruption. That should be made clear to everybody, past and present administration. 

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