Rachelle Ann Go’s second time on “The Ryzza Mae Show”

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The first time I wrote about Rachelle Ann Go was after she had made her first appearance on “The Ryzza Mae Show”. That was approximately 7 months ago wherein she got to showcase her amazing voice and singing prowess.


Looking back to that show, I would have to say that it remains to be its best episode that I have seen, thus far. And if ever there should be a “model-episode” of sorts for “The Ryzza Mae Show”, that particular appearance of Rachelle Ann should be reviewed first by other guests before they themselves come out in it. That episode should serve as their guide as to how they should behave and comport themselves in a talk show that has a child as its host.

Rachelle Ann Go’s second appearance last Friday was another welcome treat for us viewers.

It is interesting to know that the first time she had ever joined a singing competition on national television was on the noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’ in 1998. A clip of the then 12-year-old Rachelle Ann Go performing her rendition of “All By Myself” was shown. She may not have won that competition. But look now how Rachelle Ann has metamorphosed into a self-assured sparkling star!

Indeed, pretty vivacious charming Rachelle Anne Go was a joy to watch last Friday. Her “older-to-younger sister” approach with Ryzza Mae and their convivial exchange and easy rapport is a testament to Rachelle Ann’s secure awareness of her self-worth and identity that belies her own relatively young age.

No rudeness or arrogance, no patronizing or condescending manner, no ridiculing or mocking remarks toward the 8-year-old host ever came from the guest. How unlike sometimes of those exhibited disgustingly by supposedly older seasoned personalities who have guested on the show.

By contrast, we saw how Rachelle Anne Go generously shared some truly valuable tips to aspiring singers, and indeed, her information have added to the general public’s bank of knowledge.

Thus, I like to think that Rachelle Ann’s joyful and cheerful spirit have planted good karma for her. She is now preparing to leave for London in a few weeks’ time to begin rehearsals for a prized role as Gigi in the ‘Miss Saigon’ musical.


With her phenomenal operatic vocal range, I will not be surprised at all if she is eventually also tapped to play the lead role of Kim.

Soon, Rachelle Ann Go’s star will shine brightly in London when she makes her official debut in the classic musical play “Miss Saigon”!

History will be made again, just wait.

I also believe that in London, she will be “discovered” by a major record label and become a new pop star there. She’s got everything that it takes for that!

We may be losing another great talent when she makes her debut in London but someone as musically gifted as Rachelle Ann Go should be shared with the rest of the world.

I recall that in her first appearance on Ryzza Mae’s show last year, she had extolled: “Kung anong gusto ninyong dream sa buhay, huwag kayong titigil hanggang hindi ninyo nakakamit ‘yon.” (“Whatever dream you have in life, do not stop until you have attained it.”)

By her own perfect example, she has shown us how!


Bon Voyage, Rachelle Ann Go! Inquirer.net

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