Jeremy Passion talks about music and Filipino hospitality

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MANILA -- In a press conference Thursday, Jeremy Passion shared with INQUIRER.net some of the names that helped ignite his passion for music, and also, what he loves about his Filipino roots.


When asked who his biggest influences were back in his teenage days, Brian McKnight and Stevie Wonder were the iconic names that the 27-year-old singer/songwriter instantly gave. Now it is no wonder why this YouTube sensation exudes so much soul in his performances, jet-lagged or not.

But apart from his international favorites, some of the country’s local artists also made it to Passion’s list of admired singers. Singer-songwriter Julianne Tarroja, Hip-hop and R&B artist Quest, and multi-awarded Pop-R&B singer Jay R are fellow singing sensations who Passion also takes time to listen to.

Music of his own 

The Filipino-American singer describes his own music as “honest and message-based.” Instead of going for catchy lyrics and tunes, Passion says his muses in song writing are his family, his faith, and also, his heartbreaks.

When asked what fans can expect from his March 21 show at The Music Museum, Passion said it can only be “honest, organic, vulnerable, and truthful.”


On his Filipino roots 

Though he cannot respond in straight Tagalog, Passion proved that he can understand the Filipino language when he swiftly answered “27” when asked “Ilang taon ka na?” which means “How old are you?” in English.

But more than the language, Passion says that what he loves most about Filipinos are the people’s hospitality and caring nature. “I’ve always loved that [aspect]. The world needs that kind of love” shares the YouTube star who is set to play two more shows in Asia after Manila.


Passion is scheduled to treat his Singaporean fans to an intimate show on the 22nd of March, and his Indonesian fans on the 23rd. For more information on his shows, check his official Twitter account https://twitter.com/jeremypassion or his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JeremyPassionMusic. Inquirer.net

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