After Meeting in NY, Epy Quizon and Stephen Baldwin Are Bros Now

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Epy Quizon, actor and son of the late Comedy King Dolphy, recently took home the award for Best Actor at the recently concluded Manhattan International Film Festival for his role in the film Unlucky Plaza, directed by Ken Kwek.

In the audience cheering him on was his new bestie Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin, who is best known for his critically acclaimed role in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. (He is also known for being the third most famous Baldwin brother, after Alec and William. There are four of them.)

Apparently, the budding friendship between the two was a cause for curiosity among spectators with Epy telling Bandera, “So, nagulat nga ‘yung mga tao, ‘Wala namang pelikula ‘yan, ba’t nandito, ‘di ba?’ Ako ang pinuntahan niya. Sumuporta, tumabi sa amin ng direktor ko. Tapos nilabas niya kami ng director ko, (So, people were surprised. ‘He doesn’t have a movie out, why is he here?’ He went for me, gave me his support, sat beside me and my director. And then he took us out after.)”

Apparently the two had met under the most serendipitous of circumstances: on a flight to the US. Star struck, Epy had asked Stephen for a photo. That was his in.

“Sabi niya (he asked me), ‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m an actor.’ E, ‘yun na, nag-usap na kami, nagkwentuhan na kami. Naging barkada ko (From there, we talked, shared stories. He became my buddy),” Epy elaborates.

Like real bros, the two, along with director Ken Kwek, went out on a night about town starting with dinner at Tao, then clubbing at 1O where Epy had one beer while Stephen nursed a soda. At the end of the night, they exchanged phone numbers with Stephen promising to visit the Philippines to do research for a film he’s working on - and to check up on Manny Pacquiao, his other BFF.

There, there, Epy. We’re sure you’re still Stephen’s favorite bro. We’re positive he’ll call you first. Inquirer.net

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