Amalia Fuentes out of hospital

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I am overjoyed that my second mom, Amalia Fuentes, is finally out of the hospital. Mama Nena was confined since October, after she suffered a stroke in South Korea. According to her brother, Tito Cheng Muhlach, she was discharged on Feb. 24.


“Nena can already comprehend things and recognize people,” he disclosed. “God willing, within the year, she will recover completely.”

Oskee Cabeltis, Mama Nena’s favorite hairdresser (as well as mine), told me that she requested him to go to her house this week. (We usually bond in Oskee’s salon on Boni Avenue.)

Mama Nena wants to have her hair colored. That’s a sure sign that La Amalia is getting her groove back and is ready for her second lease on life in full color.


I would like to believe it’s more than coincidence that Mama Nena is back home, a few weeks before the first death anniversary of her beloved daughter, Liezl Martinez. Liezl must have whispered to God to heal her Mama in time for the commemoration of her passing. Their mother-daughter bond goes beyond eternity.