Owen Wilson played tennis, visited BGC, and left quietly

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It’s not true, sources told Inquirer Lifestyle, that Hollywood actor Owen Wilson is dating Filipino businesswoman Wendy Puyat. The rumor circulated when Wilson was spotted arriving at Naia last weekend.

Inquirer Lifestyle found out that the Academy-nominated co-writer and star of “The Royal Tenenbaums” was actually flying to Hong Kong but took a side trip to the Philippines on the invitation of two Filipino businessmen whom he met through mutual friends.

It’s not true either that Wilson went to the casinos. What he did was spend time at the Manila Polo Club (MPC) and a few clubs in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

The same Inquirer sources said Wilson wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised at what Manila could offer. He enjoyed the facilities at MPC and played a mean game of tennis.

Wilson effortlessly bounced off the balls of his opponent, a former national player.

He also had a good time in Las Flores Restaurant, Revel, and Bank Bar in BGC. Although he didn’t eat anything in Las Flores, he was said to have been very impressed with its ambiance.

Although he fended off requests for photos with fans last Friday and Saturday (March 11 and 12), he finally relented on Sunday - after visual artist and businesswoman Marivic Rufino bumped into him at MPC’s 51st Annual Horse Show and Equestrian Exhibit.

Wilson and two other Americans were standing near the MPC terrace entrance when Rufino asked him if she could take his photograph. Wilson said yes and even invited Rufino to join him in the photo op while his American companion clicked her smartphone.

After Rufino wished him well on his stay, Wilson thanked her; they shook hands and then he walked to the Cogon Village restaurant.

Wilson left quietly Sunday, March 13, evening.

Yet even if he and Puyat are not an item (she’s in Hong Kong), another rumor is that he’s dating the daughter of one of his American companions at MPC.

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