37 lbs lighter, Sharon bent on regaining leading lady form

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Sharon Cuneta, saying that she’s now 37 lbs lighter, hopes to do movies again soon. “But first, I have to get back to leading lady [form],” Sharon said. “I dropped 37 lbs. already.”

She then recalled the reason behind her determination to lose more weight. “I was supposed to guest in other ABS-CBN shows early this year. The truth is, after I saw myself on ‘ASAP’ at the birthday special that the production gave me, I said, ‘I can’t come out on TV looking like this!’ I apologized and canceled my other TV appearances.”

When she’s ready to face the cameras again, Sharon wants to tackle roles she hasn’t done before. “I am committed to doing one indie movie. I will do that after my project with Star Cinema, but it has to be worth my while. I want fresh ideas. Give me a good story.”


What’s the secret to her longevity in show biz?

“I wish I knew,” she answered. “Everything just fell into place for me. There are things you can’t plan. Just when you think you’re done, something good comes along.”

She added: “I’d like to think that I’m still here because I bring some substance to the industry and not just entertainment.”

Sharon recently inked a two-year deal with ABS-CBN. The contract includes working in “The Voice Kids” and “some other reality shows.”

“I got burned in the past. I’ve learned my lesson,” said Sharon, who promised to become “a fair judge” and be “less maternal” as she assumes the role of coach-judge in the TV talent search, “The Voice Kids.”

“I tend to spoil contestants,” she admitted to reporters. Sharon also played coach in the reality shows, “Star Power” and “Your Face Sounds Familiar,” and host in “The Biggest Loser.”

“I have a tendency to nurture and treat contestants like they’re my kids. Often, this gesture isn’t reciprocated, and I’d feel abused and rejected. I’ve realized that I should treat the show the way it should be - as a contest,” she explained: “This is not a competition where the person with the saddest story wins. This is a showcase of talents.”

Sharon added: “I don’t talk much about what I do - let’s just say I took care of some of them, and even sent one to school. I got burned. Now, they can tell their sad stories, but I will no longer give in. I will still get those who are talented. However, this doesn’t mean I was unfair before. All the winners were deserving.”

Sharon, who will join Lea Salonga and Bamboo Mañalac as a coach-judge, said it was unfair for people to call her a mere replacement for Sarah Geronimo. “If a good artist leaves, somebody has to take her place, naturally. I don’t think the network bosses see me as panakip-butas. They won’t ask me to be part of the show if I do not deserve to be there,” said the Megastar. “Sarah should be allowed to pursue interests that she wants, as well as her personal happiness.”

She said she hoped people would not pit her against Lea. “We’ve been friends forever. I have tremendous respect for her because she has achieved so much, locally and internationally, that no other Filipino has. It’s just sad that people like conflict - they want to turn good friends into enemies. If you pay too much attention to them, they will drive you crazy.”

In spite of her many years of experience in performing, Sharon said she still gets butterflies in her stomach. “If it’s something that doesn’t excite me, I won’t do it. If I leave my children at home, it has to be for a good reason. I also like to work with people who enjoy working with me,” she pointed out. Inquirer.net

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