Dawn: Nothing wrong with May-December affair

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Love knows no age, and the heart has no wrinkles. That is basically what Star Cinema’s romantic comedy, “Love Me Tomorrow” (opened May 25), is all about.

It is topbilled by Dawn Zulueta, Coleen Garcia and Piolo Pascual, whose characters in the film are entangled in a love triangle.

In this age of “cougars” and “hot mamas,” Dawn’s role is a celebration of woman power in matters of the heart.

Here’s my tête-à-tête with Dawn:

What’s something about Piolo that surprised you during your shoot?

I saw how wacky he can get. The few times I spent with him prior to shooting, he was formal. Working with him made me see his lighter side.

What do you think of May-December relationships?

It’s nice as long as both of you aren’t attached to someone else. I don’t see anything wrong with falling for someone despite your age difference. If you really love each other, go for it.

What’s the craziest thing that you did for love?

I gave up something I really loved doing just to appease someone I loved.

When your son is old enough, what advice would you give him about love and women?

I will tell Jacobo not to rush. To make friends with a lot of different people so from there, he will become more discerning. I’ll tell him to keep those with a positive outlook in life as friends.

Eventually, from that circle, maybe he can choose a girlfriend. I would advise him that in a relationship, they should both be assets to each other.

What makes your marriage work?

Honesty and trust, aside from the fact that my husband is super loyal to me. That’s an A-plus.

What are your secrets for aging gracefully?

I refuse to feel my age. I’m 47, but I don’t limit myself to dressing up or behaving a certain way.

How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who is free-flowing, fun-loving, who takes her work seriously, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. Inquirer.net

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