The end of AlDub? ‘Destined To Be Yours’ says goodbye in two weeks

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Sad news for AlDub fans: “Destined To Be Yours” (DTBY) is set to end in two weeks.

The show, top-billed by the phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, has only 10 days left, as announced by GMA via a recent Instagram post.

Fans were shocked to learn of the sudden conclusion of AlDub’s first teleserye.

Just as many were shocked and saddened, there were others who rejoiced that the show is finally coming to an end, with some citing the show’s poor storyline.

Alden and Maine still are fortunate to receive unparalleled support from AlDub Nation, their fan empire. This support even goes so far as blasting the love team’s bashers.

Incidentally, DTBY’s creative consultant Suzette Doctolero recently got the bitter end of online bashing, when she was quoted to have called the show a “flop” on her exchange of tweets with some fanatics from AlDub Nation.

Is the show’s sudden end an indication that AlDub is finally losing its appeal? – May 16, 2017