Vic Sotto on Jose Manalo’s ‘Sugod Bahay’ May-December affair joke: ‘May problema ba tayo?’

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Comedian Vic Sotto reacted as fellow “Eat Bulaga” co-host Jose Manalo asked a show contestant a tricky question during the show’s “Juan for All  - All for Juan Sugod-Bahay” segment.


The question was about having a younger wife.

In today’s episode of the long-running noontime show, the crew of Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza headed to another barangay to give prizes to “Sugod Bahay” winner Erlinda and Carlos Lumbang.

Manalo threw out his usual jokes and had the audience and the hosts laughing. The husband Carlos, appearing obviously older than his wife, is already 71 years old. Meanwhile, the wife revealed that she is only 47 years old, proving that their relationship is indeed another case of a May-December affair.

This was when Manolo asked the husband, “Bakit ganun kabata ‘yung asawa mo?” (Why is your wife this young?)

While laughing at Manalo’s joke, Sotto reacted, “Bakit, may problema ba tayo roon?” (Do we have a problem with that?)

Manalo immediately pulled back, “Wala, Bossing.” (No, Bossing.)

Sotto, still in the moment, said, “Tinatanong ‘ko lang, parang nagulat ka eh” (I was just asking, because you looked shocked.)

Manalo kept on explaining his joke, still in his usual funny way, “Ano kasi71, (the wife is) 40 lang, eh dikit lang eh (it’s quite close).”

Injecting a gentle reminder, comedian Allan K said, “Tesbun ‘wag niyong pakialaman (pregnant, let her be),” referring to Sotto’s young wife, actress-TV host Pauleen Luna.

Sotto and Luna’s love story has been controversial because the two have a 35-year age gap. The comedian is now 63 years old while Luna is only 28. Against all odds, the two eventually married in January 2016. Luna is pregnant with their first child.  –