Kris Aquino warns detractors of elder sister: ‘You’ll push me to my very worst’

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Kris Aquino went defensive and warned detractors of her elder sister, Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, that if they hurt her sister, “you will really push me to my very worst.” 

“I mean it when I say for my ate (older sister), I will take a bullet. Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all the Aquino haters come true…” the Queen of All Media posted on Instagram Tuesday.

This comes after reports that Aquino-Cruz’s husband, Eldon, was allegedly involved in a scam, where he supposedly endorsed the release of payments for a bogus road project in General Santos City, amounting to P8.7 billion.

Aquino shared that Ballsy, who is her favorite sister, has been with her through thick and thin. On one instance, she acknowledged that the elder Aquino was the only one who had her back when she gave birth to her son, Josh.

“That’s just how she is- she has loved me unconditionally. No judgment, just a reassurance that [I’d] never be alone because she always believed [I’d] manage to right my life’s wrongs- that is FAITH,” she wrote.

“So this is me saying- HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst,” she warned.

The actress then ended her post on a lighter note by saying, “like this if you’re like me & you LOVE your Ate.”

Aquino is known to her fans and followers in social media for her smart posts and witty clapbacks at bashers.  – Inquirer.net


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