‘San Pedro Calungsod’ Will Inspire The Youth

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“San Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir,” an official entry to the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2013, aims to increase awareness on the life of the young Filipino saint martyred in the name of the Christian faith.


But the film won’t be just about San Pedro Calungsod’s martyrdom, as it will also be about the role he played in the San Diego Mission to the Mariana Islands (Guam) led by Fr. Diego Luis de San Vitores between 1668 and 1672. It will show what virtues he practiced to serve the propagation of Christianity at a time of paganism, doubt and disbelief.

How this young soldier of Jesus Christ fought for the conversion of the Chamorro natives to Christianity and his unquestionable obedience and loyalty to the Mission Superior (Fr. San Vitores) is the core of the forthcoming film, the result of two years of research by De La Salle University History-Political Science graduate Francis O. Villacorta who directs it.

Francis says, “Young people today can learn a lot from the heroic life of San Pedro Calungsod. What a fascinating study of a young life all too willingly given up for the love of our Savior. Because in the end, I believe, our lives on earth is all a preparation for our reunion with Him, our Creator.”

“San Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir,” produced by HPI Synergy Group in association with Wings Entertainment, stars Rocco Nacino, Christian Vasquez, Jestoni Alarcon, Ryan Eigenmann, Robert Correa, Alvin Aragon, Victor Basa, BJ Forbes, Carlo Gonzalez, Arthur Solinap, Mico Palanca, Cholo Barretto, Geoff Taylor, Johann Santos, Isadora Valasquez, Ruby Ruiz, Mercedes Cabral and others. (Manila Bulletin)