Sharon comments on shows in Dubai, Milan

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Sharon Cuneta is disappointed with how her recent show in Dubai was promoted.


In a series of tweets, the singer-actress claimed some of her fans did not know about the show at all.

Sharon wrote, “Hi, everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. Am in Milan now. After Dubai concert w/c started at 9:30pm & ended late (&wasnt promoted well -

“when KC, then my people went around 2 days before show & met other kababayan, di nila alam may show kami!”

She pointed out that these things “rarely happen.”

“Kaya natweet ko, kasi DI AKO SANAY sa ganon since I perform at home &/or abroad almost every year & by God’s grace they are always successful!”

The Megastar also commented on the “surprises” she had in Milan, Italy a few days after Dubai.

“- so after the Dubai concert, slept a little & woke up early to prepare to leave for airport around noon. Then flew 7+hrs. to Milan & a different time zone na naman. Couldn’t sleep well on flight. Arrived so tired & sleepy, & then found that our promoter had scheduled a welcome reception w/ other kababayan here, which we didn’t know about so weren’t prepared for. I had no more energy & my handlers were upset at ‘surprises!’ No rest for voice, so little sleep. And concert today is at 4pm. Haaaaaayyyyyy naku. Pls pray for us. Thanks,” read Sharon’s post.

Fans in Milan were disappointed for not being able to meet and greet their idol. A follower told Sharon: “lugi kami! anaabee un tiket namin we will have a greet and pic with you!nilamig kami sa pila waley! vip pa naman ticket.

“anyways maganda ang show at we enjoywd! waley nga lng talaga pics wirh you :’(.”

In defense, Sharon wrote: “Sorry it wasn’t our fault. Pinaalis na kami ng Italians doon – the theater manager and the guards kasi over na sa oras. And I went to the audience pati sa halos taas para di ‘lugi” ang fans namin. Sorry po tao lang di kayang lahat sa theater ay pagbigyan. I do much more than other artists for my audience, kahit di kokailangan gawin. Sorry kulang pa po sa inyo pati efforts namin sa show.”

Nonetheless, Sharon thanked again her Milan fans via Twitter. “Thank you again so very much, Milan!!! You were a great, loving audience & you are in my heart! God bless you! Ti amo!” Manila Bulletin

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