A Song for Randy Gener

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Much has been written about Randy Gener, a performing artist, community organizer, multi-awarded journalist, a cheerful friend and a freedom lover.


We condemn the horrifying incident on January 17 at 7th Avenue and 54th Street in Manhattan when he was badly beaten by a man from Queens who was recently arrested and identified to be a resident of Queens, New York.

Last night, I have written this poem from the editorial desk of The  Filipino Express. Our way of saying, we are praying for Randy's speedy recovery.

Our readers are happy to know that Randy Gener is on the way to recovery. It will not be easy and it will not be soon.

But if we continue to storm heaven with all our prayers, a miracle will happen.


A Song for Randy Gener


We bring you prayers of good cheer 

With fans and friends who love you dear

We were there at your prayer vigil

With five layered clothes as we chill


When we knew not what tomorrow brings

God revealed Himself in mysterious things

With pure hearts we offered our thanks

Randy, you are safe in His hands


Now the angels whom God had sent

Came to feel your pulse as they vent

All of us here continue to pray

That God heals you in a special way


Dear friend, miracles work even today

In our hearts we know you will be okay

When trials come, these will soon be gone


Rejoice! Here comes the bright sun