Dominican Independence Day Celebration in Jersey City

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JERSEY CITY -- The Ukrainian Community Center at 90 Fleet Street in Jersey City was the venue of Ray Regalado's 2nd Annual Dominican Independence Day Celebration on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 7 PM. Almost 700 hundred people came to celebrate the occasion which started with the Dominican National Anthem with Ms. Florencia Guzman, on the piano. 


The Filipino-Americans were there, too! Filipino businessman Nanding Mendez of Fiesta in America came very early to greet Ray Regalado. Other Filipino-Americans present that evening were: Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Martha Baltazar, President of the Handmaiden Services; and Grace Baldisseri of The Filipino Express.

Ray Regalado, a popular Dominican leader and a 40-year resident of Jersey City led the Independence Day ceremonies. In welcoming those who attended the affair he said: Today is a day of remembering our ancestors for their courage and bravery in order that we are free from oppression. Let us take a moment to reflect on the struggles of our brave men who fought for freedom and democracy so that we will be able to celebrate life to the fullest. As we face our own battles today, let us be proud of our colorful history and heritage. Let us journey together to a vibrant and a better life."

Dominican Anthony Cid, one of Regalado's team coordinators expressed:" We celebrate Dominican Independence Day as a reminder that three men- Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez and Ramon Matias Melia bravely led the movement in liberating the Dominican Republic from Haiti. On February  27, 1844, the  Dominicans declared  their independence from Haiti giving birth to a  new sovereign and independent country that we now have today."

There was live music, dancing, and good food prepared by friends and volunteers. The place was properly decorated; the ladies were elegant and gorgeous. The men wore their best suits and coats. There was fun and laughter everywhere. The Dominicans have a lot in common with Filipinos- delicious foods, beautiful women, graceful dancers and photo lovers.


Ray Regalado makes people and things move. The 2nd Annual Independence Day Celebration was a result of good planning and management which is why it was a successful evening worth remembering.