OktoberFESTa with Charisse

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“Aficionados of beer worldwide may be celebrating the flavors, varieties and forms of their favorite brew this October,” said Nanding Mendez, President and CEO of Special Edition Press and Fiesta In America USA, Inc., “but our very own OktoberFESTa, produced by Fiesta in America is a unique take on what beer-drinking is all about.”


Mendez explained that the beer-themed festivity that his nonprofit group will host on October 20 beginning at 1 pm at the Astoria World Manor (25-22 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria, NY 11102) “is a nod to the spirit of unity that beer inspires when one is among friends, family, colleagues and business associates. Whoever coined the phrase ice-breaker may really be thinking of beer’s ability to bring diverse people together.”

Len Manansala, Fiesta In America USA’s Vice President for Marketing and Communications, noted that among Filipinos and other groups in the U.S., “there is an air of good-natured fun in beer that somehow transcends race, ethnicity, gender, age, occupation, creed and political affiliation. Beer’s singular ability to bridge gaps that separate people is what we are actually celebrating at OktoberFESTa.”

As music goes down well with the bubbly brew, OktoberFESTa will be spiced-up by live performances from Charice we, whose through-the-roof songs as a Filipino foreign student in the 2009 season of the TV hit Glee! was a global sensation. Ophra Winfrey, her godmother, gushed: “The voice of Charice voice comes from something bigger than herself.” Opening for Charice will be the amazing Cheesa, a finalist on the primetime reality TV show The Voice.

Designed for adults 21 years of age and older, a $75 ticket (plus VIP seating worth $95) at OktoberFESTa includes unlimited soda, a free beer, a lavish buffet of savory tapas or pulutan, exciting raffle prizes from sponsors and other surprises.

“OktoberFESTa’s branding is noticeably a take-off from Fiesta In America,” Nanding Mendez added, referring to the largest two-day indoor trade and cultural festival on the U.S. east coast that his nonprofit organization has been staging annually over the last 15 years. “We strongly feel that the drawing power of Fiesta In America to bring nearly 20,000 Filipinos and other immigrants under one roof can be replicated by another event that involves fun and fellowship among cultures.”

The “big tent” aspect of OktoberFESTa fits seamlessly with any occasion that is typically observed with beer, food and music, noted Len Manansala “such as October birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Other celebrations may include provincial and professional association fundraisers. College students who are of-age are also welcome to hold fraternity and association get-together parties at the event. And because OktoberFESTa will be spiced up by upbeat music, fanciers of ballroom dancing and disco may show off their skill at OktoberFESTa’s dance floor. Whatever you want to drink a toast to, you can say cheers, mabuhay, prost, gan bei, salud or kanpei at OktoberFESTa.”

Tickets may be purchased in advance by calling 212-682-6610. For more information including an updated list of performing artists, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.oktoberfesta.com