Marla Raush: Filipino-American Mompreneur

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Filipino-American businesswoman, Marla De Castro Rausch, founded Animation Vertigo over ten years ago. Animation Vertigo specializes in motion capture tracking and animation solutions for leaders in film, television and video games. The company now boasts a resume of some of the world’s most famous video games.

With Offices in California and in the Philippines, Animation Vertigo has helped create the human-like qualities and features in games such as Injustice: Gods Among Us by WB, Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2 from Activision Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, and the recently released Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls.

Marla and her team create realistic movements and facial queues of some of Hollywood’s finest actors like In their newest work, Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls. The psycho thriller video game, featuring Ellen Page and William Dafoe, boasts 3D animation so realistic that it’s graphics, worthy of the silver screen, are being recognized internationally by the gaming industry. 

As a female entrepreneur, her journey was unique as she successfully broke into a male dominated industry.  Marla saw a void in the motion capture industry for stability – it broke her heart to hire and fire talented editors with each project. She took a stand to reinvent how business is done.  

Born and raised in the Philippines in the 1970s, Marla wanted to introduce the vast creative talent of artists from her home country to the 3D animation and motion capture industry. She established a production center in Manila, Philippines, with an Animation Vertigo team that is comprised of well-trained, seasoned trackers and animators, who surpass quality standards, deliver on-time results and produce compelling and realistic results.  

Prior to establishing Animation Vertigo, Marla worked freelance in Spectrum Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment America as a motion capture tracker. It was there that Marla learned the ins and outs, and gained knowledge and experience of the animation and motion capture industry. During the ‘90s, Marla worked as a Visa Officer for the Canadian and Australian Embassies in the Philippines, where she strengthened her ability to work with various nationalities – a strength she still practices every day as CEO of a Filipino-American based business. Marla also worked as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial and American Express Financial Advisors, which taught her how to manage her business’s finances. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of the Philippines. Since 2004, Marla has been utilizing the skills from her past jobs and education while running Animation Vertigo. She created a business model that has worked for almost a decade now.  

“Making use of what I’ve learned, where I’ve been and what I’ve seen has given me the confidence to handle the business negotiations, technical knowledge, and logistic and organizational needs to meet the ever-changing arena of the animation entertainment industry.” 

Today, Marla is a member of the Motion Capture Society and the International Game Developers Association. She resides in Irvine, CA with her husband and two children.