PAFCOM 2014: On the Right Track

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Jersey City, NJ -- As the 2013 year comes to a close, PAFCOM once again finishes another year strong as one of Jersey City’s most influential and well respected socio-cultural organizations.

From fundraisers to festivities to assisting in the campaigns of bringing greater change to the city, PAFCOM has continued its tradition of contributing to the progress and quality of life to not only the people of Jersey City, but generally people from all over, Filipinos and Non Filipinos alike.

So now with a new year just around the corner, PAFCOM prepares for the upcoming turnover that will take place on December 2, 2013 along with a whole new set of officers to be appointed. Among the positions is the Overall Chairman that Mr. Edwin Solano currently sits. As he respectively steps down from his position on this date, he will be succeeded by Mr. Mario V. Garcia as the new 2014 Overall Chairman. PAFCOM held an election for the 2014 Officers back in October 16, 2013 that was held at University Charter High School, 275 West Side Avenue. Mario V. Garcia was declared the 2014 Overall Chairman being no other candidates filed for the position, so the election with the majority of the Board Members present declared the day to become the proclamation of the new sets of officers for 2014.

The 2014 Overall Chairman, Mario V. Garcia is a Civil Engineer & currently working in New York City as Director of Planning & Scheduling for TDX Construction Corp., one of the largest CM in the Tri-State area. He is the first Asian-American to hold this position. He is currently in charge of the following projects in New York City: Harlem Hospital – RB Building, MPC/OGS Projects, Jacobi Hospital, Bronx Community College, New York City Housing (NYCHA), and the MTA Mentoring Program along with other various public programs with a total worth of more than $500 million. He was also part of the Project Team that built the Citi Field/ New Mets Stadium, several buildings of the Trump Empire on the West Side (Bldg. A, C, J1, J2, H), New York Times Building, MOMA, Bronx Criminal Courthouse, Time Warner Building, and many more.

Mario is also currently an active member of the Filipino American community in the Northeast USA. Aside from now being the Overall Chairman/President of PAFCOM, he is also the President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of T.A.P.A.T., Inc. (The Alliance of Philippine-American Associations & Trustees, Inc.) as well as the President and Chairman of the Board of Adamson University Alumni Associations of Northeast USA. To add to his already impressive resume, Mario also held the position of President and Chairman of the Board of FAAE, Inc. (Filipino American Association of Engineers in NY, NJ & CT) between 2006-2007.  Mario was also a Board member of PIDCI in 2008 to 2009 and served as Chairman of the Corporate Fund Raising Committee as well as Chairman of 1st PIDCI Golf Tournament. He also served as Co-Chair of PIDCI’s Street Fair and in 2011, he was one of the Committee Chairman of NAFFAA Northeast & Chairman of Special Committee of PGANY.

With such a vast and impressive array of accomplishments, Mr. Garcia will now continue using his excellent leadership skills as the newly appointed Overall Chairman of PAFCOM in 2014. Accompanying Mr. Garcia to Office and assisting him in continuing PAFCOM’s traditions in creating another memorable year for the city and its associates are also its newly appointed Officers.


The following list is as follows: Recording/Executive Secretary – Helen Castillo; Corresponding Secretary – Ellen Alonzo; Treasurer – Ledy Almadin; Asst. Treasurer – Angelita Roxas; Auditor – Luis Morales; Assistant Auditor – Becky Cooney; PRO – Augustus Salud Jr.; Technical Advisers – Gerry Austria / Jun Hornilla; Governmental Relations – Ed Toloza / Pam Andes


Vice Overall Chairs: Special Events – Gani Puertollano; Parade – Joel Flores; Festival – Maureen Javier


Committee Chairs: Coronation Night – Annelyn Flores; Grand Marshal Night – Medy Taeza; Parade – Greg Agulan; Festival - Rose Javier; Booth & Exhibit – Mila Simba


Official turnover date is scheduled on December 2, 2013 wherein the new Grand Marshal will be named.  For more information visit us at, and on facebook.