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Mayor De Blasio pledged new direction in New York

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New York City -- Mayor Bill De Blasio has been sworn in one minute after midnight in a ceremony at his Brooklyn residence on January1, 2014. Twelve hours later, former President Bill Clinton administered his oath of office with a Bible once used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt at his first presidential inauguration in March 1933.


De Blasio took the subway on his way to the inauguration accompanied by his wife Chirlane, son Dante and daughter Chiara on a No. 4 train that got them to City Hall stop.

A crowd of some 5,000 came to City Hall despite the wintry cold and chilly weather. They waited the arrival of the new mayor and were delighted when they knew he and his family took the subway. 

De Blasio touched the hearts of the city residents when  in his speech he emphatically said,"Today we commit to a new progressive direction in New York. And that same progressive impulse has written our city's history. It's in our DNA."

The speech was well taken by prominent Democrats, the media, friends and followers and residents of New York especially when the new mayor declared:"New York has faced fiscal collapse, a crime epidemic, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. But now  in our time, we face a different kind of crisis - an inequality crisis." Harry Belafonte, a longtime friend of the mayor lauded De Blasio's call to end 'inequality.'

A family role model, the mayor praised his wife Chirlane whom he calls his 'soulmate, best friend and partner.' To his children, he said: "I cannot put into words the joy and the pride that you bring your mother and me."

The admiration of thousand who were there are deeply felt and focused on the Man in City Hall  as he feels their pulses and recognizes that his duties include keeping the neighborhoods safe, keeping the streets clean and ensures that those who live in New York , and the visitors of New York, can go where they need to go safely in all the five boroughs.



New Yorkers look forward to a better service in City Hall, reducing income inequality and a new progressive direction in the Big Apple.

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