Bohol Police trained by New York’s Finest

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CHICAGO (FAXX/jGLi) – The Central Visayan Province of Bohol in the Philippines is adding its security forces as a come-on for tourists and investors, who want to sample its tourist spots as the rolling Chocolate Hills, the Sandugo (blood compact) Festival and other pristine beaches as they conduct their business in the home province of the Philippines’ eighth president (Carlos P. Garcia) and the site of the oldest Philippine Catholic church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in Baclayon.


Bohol Gov. Edgar M. Chatto told hundreds of members and guests during the induction of officers of the Confederation of Boholanos in U.S.A. and Canada (CONBUSAC) led by Larry Galang of Carmen, Bohol and New Jersey at the Gala Night of the three-day international biennial convention Saturday (July 6) at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago, Illinois that Boholano Dr. Ramie Cadag accompanied Joe Gough and Joseph Gennusa of the New York City Emergency Management and Detectives Donald Lasala and David Norman of the NYPD-ESU (New York Police Department – Emergency Service Unit) to Tagbilaran City to train members of the City’s local police on how to respond to emergency situations.

The program called Telephone and Radio System Integrated Response, whose acronym TaRSIER conjures the namesake of the fist-sized monkey, the smallest in the world, which is endemic in the province and the neighboring islands of Samar, Leyte and Mindanao, comes in tandem with the training of the City’s SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics).

In TaRSIER in Tagbilaran, which is equivalent to dialing an emergency telephone Nos. 9-1-1 in North America, the emergency phone number to dial is 1-1-7. TaRSIER is believed to be the first emergency, first responders in the Philippines.

Like dialing 9-1-1, dialing 1-1-7 should only be done for emergency circumstances for heart attack or stroke, house fire, domestic violence, burglary or theft in progress, car accidents, suspicious activities or anything else that seems like an emergency.

Nobody should dial 1-1-7 for non-emergency situations or prank calls as doing so could be a crime.



 The 53-year-old newly re-elected governor thanked Conbusac members Port Washington, New York-based led by Dr. Cadag and co-chair Dr. Teofilo (Pepe) R. Recitas for making possible the six-day training of TaRSIER in coordination with Bohol provincial government that included skills in advanced medical care, vehicular extraction, advanced water course, underwater search-and-rescue and public safety diving.

 With 30 first responders, TaRSIER was also provided with equipment such as “jaws of life,” power saws, rebar cutters, safety goggles and gloves, SearchCams donated by volunteers.

Although he considers Bohol to be generally peaceful, Attorney Chatto welcomed TaRSIER and SWAT in the province with 1.2-million population to make Bohol truly  “an ideal place to live in and do business.”

Mr. Chatto also thanked Conbusac for artificial insemination program, which gives away semen of carabaos and cattle that provide income to small-earning families and the introduction of M-R-I (magnetic resonance imaging) to the Bohol Medical Care Institute, a first in the whole province.

“Thanks to TBTK,” Mr. Chatto said, referring to Conbusac’s program's initial for “Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan” (Gathering of Boholanos All Over the World) held every two years.

Speaking extemporaneously for 30 minutes, Mr. Chatto said, “We anchor our programs on health, education, agriculture and tourism, information communication technology, which are job-creating sectors for BPO’s (business processing outsourcing) and TPO’s calling centers, (which are) added sources of revenues as well as jobs and livelihood of the people dependent on good plans, implementation and blessings from the Almighty.”

He said the National Statistical Coordinating Board of the Philippines has reported a drop in poverty incidence in Bohol by six points equivalent to 16 percent reduction from 2009 to 2013; rice production in Bohol is highest in region, a positive increase while others in the region had negative due to El Nino. Bohol used science and technology as “we flew the plane seeding the clouds,” saving farmlands, with 2.7 growth increase and positive growth of region 7;

Bohol never reached tonnage of 3.0 metric tons per hectare of rice but in 2013 Bohol made it to 3.08 MT of rice per hectare in rice production, surpassing past years. Farmers should be praised for this positive impact to the total community, a comparative advantage in the market in the region; investment in 2012 was recorded at 12.2-billion pesos (US$290-M) by Bohol Investment Promotions Center with new hotels, new resorts and new investments flowing into province’s micro investments, and small businesses totaling 1.2-billion pesos (US$28-M). 

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