Council President Lavarro to Introduce Ordinance to Abolish Health Benefits For Jersey City MUA Commissioners

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JERSEY CITY, July 24 – City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. will introduce an ordinance at next week’s City Council meeting that will abolish health benefits for volunteer commissioners of the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority Board. MUA Board members get full health benefits despite only working one hour per week.


“This ordinance is something I fought for while on the City Council, but was blocked more than once by Healy administration allies who wanted to protect their friends and family members in these appointed positions,” said Mayor Fulop. “I am ecstatic that Council President Lavarro is closing the loop here.”

In 2010, notwithstanding opposition from the Healy administration, then Councilman Fulop was able to enact changes that resulted in the commissioners of the both the MUA and the Jersey City Incinerator Authority contributing 20 percent to the cost of their health benefits. Changes to the city code also prohibited new commissioners from receiving benefits. Despite further changes in the code in 2011 that then Councilman Fulop proposed ending health benefits entirely for commissioners of both boards effective Dec. 31, 2011, two commissioners of the MUA board have continued to receive taxpayer-funded health benefits.

“The two ordinances we are introducing Wednesday night will officially codify the abolishment of health benefits for these two boards,” said Council President Lavarro. “This is what the public wants and this action is long overdue in changing the culture of city government.”

Mayor Fulop and Council President Lavarro have also pledged to fill board vacancies with more members of the community, having sought resumes during the transition period.