Nike unveils new ‘Statement Jerseys’ for 30 NBA teams

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Nike took over the reigns from Adidas as the official jersey manufacturer of the NBA and it didn’t take long for the sporting giant to leave its mark.


In a star-studded event in Los Angeles on Friday, Sept. 15, both Nike and the NBA officially unveiled their innovative “Statement Jerseys” from all 30 NBA franchises.

Representatives of the teams proudly wore their nifty new threads for the upcoming season.

Most teams boasted significant and modernized changes to their uniforms, while some opted to keep their signature style from previous seasons.

Aside from the vibrant alternates, players donned a new hoodie design as warm-ups - another first for the league.

In July, Nike confirmed that it will do away with the traditional “Home and Away” uniforms and replace them with the “Association” and “Icon” editions.

Nike also described the colorful designs as “inspired by the team’s desire to make a bold statement every time they step on the court.”

The “Statement” uniform will be available for purchase on all NBA Stores starting Nov. 20. –