Beach Tennis Hits Philippine Shores

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Beach tennis, the rapidly growing competitive sport across the world, is now on Philippine shores. A hybrid of tennis, beach volleyball and badminton, beach tennis fuses the action and thrill of competitive sport with sun, sea and sand. It has been reported that it had been played as early as 2000 in the Caribbean.


This year, the first-ever Beach Tennis Invitational Celebrity Cup will be held in Boracay. There will also be beach tennis clinics to be scheduled in different provinces to gear up players from media, entertainment, sports and advertising industry for the official match. Organizing these events is CDL Entertainment, led by actress Lotlot de Leon who aims to bring beach tennis in the spotlight of the Philippine sports scene.

Lotlot explains “Being blessed with world-class beaches and having a vibrant beach culture, the country is indeed a fitting venue for beach tennis. The nature of the game can quench anyone’s thirst for physical challenge and competitive or recreational fun that’s why most people find it irresistible, even addicting.”

For more information about the Beach Tennis Invitational Celebrity Cup, as well as the Beach Tennis Clinics, contact CDL Entertainment at 0927-9701919. Manila Bulletin