Nike run set Dec. 1

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The Nike We Run MNL (Manila) returns for its third edition on Dec. 1, with at least 15,000 runners expected to take to the streets of the historic Marikina City and compete in a 10K race celebrating the spirit of unity the Filipino way.


“For this year’s race, we have incorporated the personality of the people of the Philippines to motivate and inspire them to lead a more active lifestyle. Filipinos are kindred spirits who, without hesitation, unite for a good cause and help each other. Taking this, we hope that every Filipino runner can inspire and motivate another and run the race together” said Courtney Cole-Faso, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines.

Competing runners must sign up with a “buddy” to constantly motivate each other and achieve their goals as they prepare for the race.

Nike will organize training sessions next month to help runners prepare for the event that will hold counterpart races in Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Singapore, among other cities.

The training sessions will be conducted in various locations around the city, and runners will participate in various Nike Training Clubs, get tips from athletes and get an experience only Nike can bring.

Runners can also prepare for the race through the more than 18 million strong Nike Community and the new Nike Challenges, a feature that allows runners to set a distance goal, invite Nike friends to join, and race to the virtual finish line. Manila Bulletin